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Ameixa LOS - CM-LineageOS 12/12.1/13 FLOSS Theme

Ameixa LOS is a Material Design inspired theme aiming to provide a consistent and minimalistic look to your device.

This theme only supports icons for FLOSS apps. Requires a Cyanogenmod Theme Engine compatible ROM (CM12, CM12.1, CM13, LineageOS 12, LineageOS 13…).

For CM11 devices take a look at Ameixa Onze.

You can use Turtl for requesting icons. As determining if the icons requested are related to FLOSS apps is a tedious work, currently only F-droid hosted apps are supported.


  • FLOSS Icon Pack
  • Wallpaper & Lockscreen
  • Alarm & Ringtone



More info

  • If you are looking for an icon template or some howtos, go to the WIKI
  • See the FAQ


with a dark background into apex launcher

light background apps settings

share feneec


GPLv3 and other libre or open licenses for the artwork (see CREDITS for more details)