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1. Downloading the firmware bin file

You can find precompiled .bin files on the release page. Be sure to download the latest version. This file looks something like this:


If you are not sure what binary you should use look at this page: What binary should I use?

2. Downloading the Flash Download Tools

Espressif has an official GUI tool for Windows. It has a lot of options and can be used for the ESP8266 and ESP32. You can find it on Espressif's download page here: https://www.espressif.com/en/support/download/other-tools
(if the link changed, just search for esp flash download tool)

After downloading the file, unzip it and start flash_download_tools_v3.6.8.exe.

3. Flashing the firmware bin files

After starting flash_download_tools_v[...].exe there should pop up two small windows. Now just click on the Developer Mode andESP8266 DownloadTool button. Now a new window opens.

  • Under the SPIDownload section select the WLED_[...]_ESP[...].bin file by clicking on the first ... button

  • In the Textfield next to the "@" char put in this adress: 0x0

  • Than make sure that the file is checked (click on the checkbox)

  • Click on the Default button

  • Set SPI Speed to 80Mhz

  • Set Flash Size to 32Mbit

  • Select the COM Port of your ESP (usually it's not COM1)

  • BAUD can be set to 921600

  • Verify that everything looks like the two picture below

  • (optionally) click on ERASE to erase the entire flash chip

  • click on START

Now the firmware will be flashed to the ESP. When the firmware flashing was successful you see this: . Finally restart your board.

Next steps: Quick start guide