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This page is to honor the work of all the people who helped to make WLED what it is today!

Direct Contributors to WLED code

Everyone you see on the Contributors page and:
8bitbrett made the WiFi auto connect QR code with the Aircoookie/WLED logo! adamo made the animated Discord server logo! @debsahu provided the HomeAssistant autodiscovery and a lot of help with PIO!
@frenck made an amazing, stable and feature-packed native integration with HomeAssistant!
@photocromax is helping bringing the Live visualization feature to life and added GIF previews to the doc!
@raymiec is currently working on creating the best clients for Android and iOS!
@StormPie, the creator of the awesome mobile UI!
@timothybrown added MQTT authentication!
@viknet365 ported the Meteor effect!
@wiesendaniel added the configuration for the PlatformIO IDE!
@YeonV provided the initial HomeAssistant MQTT light config!
This list is incomplete.

Testing, Contributors and Supporters

47 Products
Achmed E.
Allan McN.
Andrew G.
Andries F.
Anton A.
Brendan W.
Brett H.
Brian N.
Bryan H.
Christian K.
Cody M.
Dale L.
David C.
David M.
Dennis H.
Dinos P.
Donn L.
Duane B.
DrZzs (Justin A.)
Dylan L.
Eric N.
Eric P.
Eric Z.
Fabian N.
Felix S.
Gary O.
Geert De V.
George V.
Graham W.
Gunnar B.
Håkan H.
App.doNotProcessConnectivityEvents = true; Heiko
Hermann S.
Jacob D.
James W.
Jason C.
Jason S.
Jeremy D.
Jim P.
Jordan A.
Jordan J.
Joseph S.
Josh A.
Josh G.
Kjell-Einar A.
Laurence C.
Leonhard A.
Leonhard S.
Marc H.
Marc R.
Marcus S.
Mario F. S.
Mark S.
Mark V.
Martin B.
Martin H.
Martin L.
Michael A.
Michael B.
Michael E.
Michael E.
Michael E.
Max H.
Menno V.
Nathan Y.
Niels L.
Nigel H.
Pascal B.
Pascal L.
Paul B.
Paul-Christiaan D.
Paul H.
Petru F.
Ralph U.
Ralph W.
Ramon H.
Raoul T.
Rob K.
Rüdiger H.
Ruperto C.
Scott B.
Scott F.
Self (Discord @tube)
Sergio M.
Stefan S.
Steve O.
S M Ark.
Teemu H.
Thomas E.
Thomas S.
Timothy M.
Timothy L.
Tobias B.
Tyler R.
Valère M.
Volker B.
Vyacheslav A.
Xavier A. A.

Used Libraries and Dependencies

ESP8266/ESP32 Arduino Core
NeoPixelBus by Makuna (svenihoney fork)
FastLED library
ESPAsyncTCP by me-no-dev
ESPAsyncUDP by me-no-dev (as of 0.9.0)
ESPAsyncWebServer by me-no-dev
ArduinoJSON by bblanchon
async-mqtt-client by marvinroger
WS2812FX by kitesurfer1404 (modified)
IRremoteESP8266 by markszabo (optional)
Timezone by JChristensen
Blynk library (compacted)
E1.31 library by forkineye (modified)
Espalexa by Aircoookie (modified)
Many included FastLED effects are modified versions of kriegsman's gists!

WebServer_tng by bbx10 (ESP32, up to 0.8.3) PubSubClient by knolleary (modified, up to 0.8.3)

iro.js colorpicker by James Daniel!
Classic UI icons by Linearicons created by Perxis!

If you would like to appear in this list for a contribution you made or be removed from it, feel free to contact me!