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For example, if you want to power your installation off a sealed lead acid battery (e.g. a car battery), you need to be very careful about amps. These kinds of batteries can supply hundreds of amps, so you need to ensure that you use fuses and voltage regulators along the way. If you're using USB pocket chargers on the other hand, they tend to be current limited (most provide only 1-2A max) already so you can worry less about fusing there.
Make sure to also check out this [great list of resources to help you learn](https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/wiki/Learning-the-ropes)!
# Small Setups (< 30 RGB LEDs)
WLED has a great built-in automatic current-limiting feature, set to 850mA by default. If you have a very small setup (< 30 LEDs), you can use this feature to help simplify your wiring and keep things safe. Note: it does this by limiting the brightness, so don't try to bypass it by turning up the brightness.