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@ -71,7 +71,20 @@ Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your effect:
1. Take a look at some of the effects in `FX.cpp` to see how they are implemented!
2. TBD
2. Add your own routine in FX.cpp starting with: `uint16_t WS2812FX::mode_custom`
3. Add to total number of effects in FX.h line 101: `#define MODE_COUNT`
4. Add your mode number (ie` #define FX_MODE_CUSTOM 110`) in FX.h around line 200.
5. Add your mode around line 400 of FX.h, like so:
` _mode[FX_MODE_CUSTOM] = &WS2812FX::mode_custom;`
6. Add it to the functions in FX.h around line 600:` mode_custom(void),`
7. Give it a name at the bottom (10 modes per line) in `JSON_mode_names[]`. Wrap your name in quotes just like the others.
8. Compile, upload and enjoy! Your new effect will automatically be added to the list in the web ui.
If you programmed a nice effect you want to share, submit a pull request!