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Test coverage

  • Ruby coverage Ruby
  • JavaScript coverage JavaScript

Canonical source

The canonical source of GitLab Community Edition is hosted on

Open source software to collaborate on code

To see how GitLab looks please see the features page on our website.

  • Manage Git repositories with fine grained access controls that keep your code secure
  • Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests
  • Complete continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment/delivery (CD) pipelines to build, test, and deploy your applications
  • Each project can also have an issue tracker, issue board, and a wiki
  • Used by more than 100,000 organizations, GitLab is the most popular solution to manage Git repositories on-premises
  • Completely free and open source (MIT Expat license)


We’re hiring developers, support people, and production engineers all the time, please see our jobs page.


There are two editions of GitLab:

  • GitLab Community Edition (CE) is available freely under the MIT Expat license.
  • GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE) includes extra features that are more useful for organizations with more than 100 users. To use EE and get official support please become a subscriber.


On you can find more information about:


Please see the requirements documentation for system requirements and more information about the supported operating systems.


The recommended way to install GitLab is with the Omnibus packages on our package server. Compared to an installation from source, this is faster and less error prone. Just select your operating system, download the respective package (Debian or RPM) and install it using the system’s package manager.

There are various other options to install GitLab, please refer to the installation page on the GitLab website for more information.


GitLab is an open source project and we are very happy to accept community contributions. Please refer to Contributing to GitLab page for more details.


GitLab Community Edition (CE) is available freely under the MIT Expat license.

All third party components incorporated into the GitLab Software are licensed under the original license provided by the owner of the applicable component.

All Documentation content that resides under the doc/ directory of this repository is licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-SA 4.0.

Install a development environment

To work on GitLab itself, we recommend setting up your development environment with the GitLab Development Kit. If you do not use the GitLab Development Kit you need to install and setup all the dependencies yourself, this is a lot of work and error prone. One small thing you also have to do when installing it yourself is to copy the example development unicorn configuration file:

cp config/unicorn.rb.example.development config/unicorn.rb

Instructions on how to start GitLab and how to run the tests can be found in the getting started section of the GitLab Development Kit.

Software stack

GitLab is a Ruby on Rails application that runs on the following software:

  • Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/RHEL/OpenSUSE
  • Ruby (MRI) 2.4
  • Git 2.8.4+
  • Redis 2.8+
  • PostgreSQL (preferred) or MySQL

For more information please see the architecture documentation.

UX design

Please adhere to the UX Guide when creating designs and implementing code.

Third-party applications

There are a lot of third-party applications integrating with GitLab. These include GUI Git clients, mobile applications and API wrappers for various languages.

GitLab release cycle

For more information about the release process see the release documentation.


For upgrading information please see our update page.


All documentation can be found on

Getting help

Please see Getting help for GitLab on our website for the many options to get help.


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