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Felix Held 3aa757d705 soc/amd/common/block/cpu/noncar/memmap: include types.h 2 days ago
Intel mb,soc/intel: Rename acpi_fill_in_fadt() to acpi_fill_fadt() 11 months ago
RFC [RFC] Address the leftover TODO in soc/intel/cannonlake 7 days ago
_static Documentation: Add static CSS file to fix tables 3 years ago
acpi acpi/acpigen.h: Add more intuitive AML package closing functions 1 month ago
arch Documentation: Add known bugs of x86_64 code on real hardware 3 months ago
cbfstool Docs/cbfstool: Add details about memory mapped window handling 4 months ago
community Documentation: List the leadership meeting as one of our forums 1 week ago
contributing Documentation/coding_style: Issues not mentioned and cleanup patches 4 weeks ago
doxygen Documentation: Add doxygen_platform target 4 years ago
drivers Documentation: Fix toctree and remove dead links 3 months ago
flash_tutorial Documentation: Use inline code block for kernel parameter 1 year ago
getting_started device: Add unit to Kconfig option name: `PRE_GRAPHICS_DELAY_MS` 2 months ago
gfx drivers/intel/gma: Add override for presence straps 11 months ago
ifdtool Documentation: Use correct KiB/MiB units instead of KB/MB 2 months ago
infrastructure Documentation: Add documentation on jenkins builders 3 months ago
lib fw_config: Convert fw_config to a 64-bit field 6 months ago
mainboard Documentation/mb/ocp: Update Delta Lake documentation 1 week ago
northbridge Documentation: Add tutorial for me_cleaner on Lenovo devices 1 year ago
releases Documentation/releases: Add note about CBFS stage format change 1 month ago
security google/trogdor: Add new variant Marzipan 1 month ago
soc sc7280: Provide initial SoC support 1 week ago
superio superio/nuvoton/nct5539d: Update documentation and remove DSDT 1 year ago
technotes Documentation: Add ASan documentation 7 months ago
tutorial Documentation: Describe the site-local hook in our config/build system 1 month ago
vendorcode Documentation/vendorcode/eltan: Update security document 1 year ago
.gitignore .gitignore: Split into subdirectory files 6 months ago
AMD-S3.txt Documentation: change coreboot to lowercase 4 years ago
COPYING Documentation/COPYING: Remove trailing whitespace 3 years ago
Doxyfile.coreboot Documentation: Update doxygen config files 3 years ago
Doxyfile.coreboot_simple Documentation: Update doxygen config files 3 years ago
Makefile Documentation: Allow passing arguments into make livesphinx 2 years ago
Makefile.sphinx Documentation: Add several fixes 10 months ago
POSTCODES post_code: add post code for video initialization failure 2 years ago
beginverbatim.tex Rename documentation -> Documentation 6 years ago
cbfs.txt Fix typos involving "the the" 2 years ago
codeflow.svg Documentation: Remove whitespace before tab 3 years ago Documentation: Fix sphinx configuration 9 months ago
corebootBuildingGuide.tex Use git HTTP URLs without `/p` in it 3 years ago
coreboot_logo.png Rename documentation -> Documentation 6 years ago docs/distributions: remove entry for John Lewis' ROMs 2 years ago
endverbatim.tex Rename documentation -> Documentation 6 years ago
gcov.txt Rename documentation -> Documentation 6 years ago
hypertransport.svg Rename documentation -> Documentation 6 years ago Documentation: move `` inside contributing/ 2 months ago
mainboard_io_trap_handler_sample.c ACPI GNVS: Replace uses of smm_get_gnvs() 10 months ago Documentation: Add Heads to payloads 1 year ago Update documentation 3 months ago