41642 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felix Held 3aa757d705 soc/amd/common/block/cpu/noncar/memmap: include types.h 2 days ago
Michael Niewöhner 305b6488e4 soc/intel/cannonlake: set MSR LT_LOCK_MEMORY at end of POST 2 years ago
Michael Niewöhner 348f2a6370 soc/intel/skylake: set MSR LT_LOCK_MEMORY only when using native MP init 9 months ago
Michael Niewöhner 6e64c1a4e0 soc/intel/common,skl: set MSR LT_LOCK_MEMORY once, not per thread 9 months ago
Sugnan Prabhu S 70299d9168 mb/google/brya: Enable display and DSP audio UPD 1 month ago
Sugnan Prabhu S 50f8b4ebdd soc/intel/alderlake: Add enum for HDA audio configuration 1 month ago
Furquan Shaikh c1c1ba5582 soc/intel/alderlake and mb: Drop PchHdaAudioLink*Enable UPDs from chip.h 2 days ago
Tim Wawrzynczak 7400b61204 MAINTAINERS: Add myself 2 days ago
Sugnan Prabhu S 2db184dd71 mb/google/dedede/var/magolor: Select camera module based on SSFC value 3 weeks ago
Rob Barnes 20d689f31f guybrush: Increase eSPI bus frequency to 33Mhz 1 week ago
Rob Barnes e09b681e6e guybrush: Add Kconfig for PSP eSPI and port80 1 week ago
Bora Guvendik 03dfd19e6e Update vboot submodule to upstream main 6 days ago
JingleHsuWiwynn 20fa59fc2c arch/x86/smbios: Let SMBIOS type 9 be able to write slot ID 3 months ago
Felix Singer efa5a46350 soc/intel/cannonlake: Set DIMM_SPD_SIZE to 512 4 days ago
John Zhao 091532d8ee ACPI: Fix the devices scope in the SATC structure 5 days ago
Shelley Chen f095d15d0e soc/qualcomm/sc7280: Modify Makefile to use sc7280 blob 3 days ago
Shelley Chen ecc720b261 3rdparty/qc_blobs: Uprev to new HEAD (02ba9a6) 2 days ago
Raul E Rangel c7048323f4 acpi: Add acpigen_write_LPI_package 3 days ago
Raul E Rangel a89a4ea8ea soc/amd/{cezanne,common}/acpi: Add _OSC method 3 days ago
Raul E Rangel e3f7645a8b acpi: Add acpi_osc.h 3 days ago
Felix Held d3be9ba902 soc/amd/cezanne: add SMU settings to devicetree 4 days ago
Felix Held 5dea8271b6 soc/amd/picasso/chip.h: improve comments on downcore_mode 2 days ago
Felix Held b5c2350145 soc/amd/picasso/chip.h: use boolean type for smt_disable 2 days ago
Felix Held 7890380266 soc/amd/picasso/chip.h: use types.h 2 days ago
Felix Held d0b5164cd0 soc/amd/cezanne: add downcoring and SMT disable settings to devicetree 2 weeks ago
Felix Held 02bfbf4430 soc/amd/cezanne/chip.h: include missing types.h 2 days ago
Bill XIE a060e3ce5c mb/asus/p8z77-v_lx2: Add CMOS option support 1 week ago
Raul E Rangel d8956f7994 soc/amd/cezanne: Add support for C-state 3 3 days ago
Marc Jones d77b97dc9a soc/intel/xeon_sp: Set PAM0123 lock 2 weeks ago
Wayne3 Wang a5761efd14 mb/google/volteer/variants/drobit: Update DPTF parameters 3 days ago
Angel Pons a590852313 soc/intel/broadwell/pch/acpi: Fix LPD0 and LPD3 methods 4 days ago
Angel Pons 5d13e7fdcd soc/intel/alderlake: Drop unused `PrmrrSize` from devicetree 3 weeks ago
Angel Pons 0c0d49229d soc/intel: Replace open-coded buffer length calculation 3 weeks ago
Angel Pons 73a22edcc8 soc/intel: Fix typo in comment 3 weeks ago
Kyösti Mälkki 84d10cc5d3 ChromeOS: Use CHROMEOS_NVS guard 2 months ago
Rizwan Qureshi 307be997d1 soc/intel/alderlake: Enable PCIE RTD3 driver 2 weeks ago
Rizwan Qureshi a979460614 soc/intel/alderlake: rename CONFIG_MAX_PCIE_CLOCKS to CONFIG_MAX_PCIE_CLOCK_SRC 2 weeks ago
Hao Chou a50f190fd4 mb/google/volteer/variants/copano: Modify touch controller power sequence 3 weeks ago
Jakub Czapiga a37c8021a6 tests: Add lib/rtc-test test case 1 week ago
Michael Niewöhner 3c20cba289 soc/intel/common/smbus: lock TCO base address on PCH finalize 2 years ago
Angel Pons b48e6357e8 soc/intel/xeon_sp: Drop unused functions and prototypes 6 days ago
Angel Pons 6a2ece7bd1 soc/intel/xeon_sp: Align pmc.c and pmutil.c with Skylake 6 days ago
Angel Pons 505e383ccb soc/intel: Move pmc_soc_set_afterg3_en() to pmutil.c 6 days ago
Angel Pons f643b63c4d soc/intel/skylake: Move pmc_set_disb() to pmutil.c 6 days ago
Angel Pons e4844ce7c9 soc/intel/skylake: Move acpi_sci_irq() to acpi.c 6 days ago
Hao Chou 0feb949565 mb/google/volteer/variants/copano: Fix pen ejection event 4 days ago
John Zhao 3062083d42 soc/intel/tigerlake: Fix devices list in the DMAR DRHD structure 6 days ago
Nicole Faerber c68ca81589 mb/purism/librem_14: Switch from S76 EC to Librem EC 1 week ago
Nicole Faerber e00ea2fb38 ec/purism/librem-ec: Apply initial Purism customizations 1 week ago
Matt DeVillier 7d57d561b1 ec/purism/librem-ec: Add support for Purism Librem EC 1 week ago