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The Zephyr Project is a scalable real-time operating system (RTOS) supporting
multiple hardware architectures, optimized for resource constrained devices,
and built with security in mind.

The Zephyr OS is based on a small-footprint kernel designed for use on
resource-constrained systems: from simple embedded environmental sensors and
LED wearables to sophisticated smart watches and IoT wireless gateways.

The Zephyr kernel supports multiple architectures, including ARM Cortex-M,
Intel x86, ARC, Nios II, Tensilica Xtensa, and RISC-V, and a large number of
`supported boards`_.

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Getting Started

Welcome to Zephyr! See the `Introduction to Zephyr`_ for a high-level overview,
and the documentation's `Getting Started Guide`_ to start developing.

Community Support

Community support is provided via mailing lists and Slack; see the Resources
below for details.

.. _project-resources:


Here's a quick summary of resources to help you find your way around:

* **Help**: `Asking for Help Tips`_
* **Documentation**: (`Getting Started Guide`_)
* **Source Code**: is the main
repository; contains a
searchable index
* **Releases**:
* **Samples and example code**: see `Sample and Demo Code Examples`_
* **Mailing Lists**: and are the main user and developer mailing lists,
respectively. You can join the developer's list and search its archives at
`Zephyr Development mailing list`_. The other `Zephyr mailing list
subgroups`_ have their own archives and sign-up pages.
* **Nightly CI Build Status**:
The mailing list archives the CI
(buildkite) nightly build results.
* **Chat**: Zephyr's Slack workspace is Use
this `Slack Invite`_ to register.
* **Contributing**: see the `Contribution Guide`_
* **Wiki**: `Zephyr GitHub wiki`_
* **Issues**:
* **Security Issues**: Email to report
security issues; also see our `Security`_ documentation. Security issues are
tracked separately at
* **Zephyr Project Website**:

.. _Slack Invite:
.. _supported boards:
.. _Zephyr Documentation:
.. _Introduction to Zephyr:
.. _Getting Started Guide:
.. _Contribution Guide:
.. _Zephyr GitHub wiki:
.. _Zephyr Development mailing list:
.. _Zephyr mailing list subgroups:
.. _Sample and Demo Code Examples:
.. _Security:
.. _Asking for Help Tips: